A WOMAN'S INTUITION, THE FIFTIIES, AND 1952 MONACO Monaco in the 1950s The astonishing healing qualities of thermal plankton are discovered by Jeanine Marissal, a young scientist with eyesight, as a result of this organism's unusual biological affinity for our skin. ​ Jeanine Marissal patented the use of thermal plankton in skincare products because she thought it may improve the skin's natural functions. ​ Jeanine Marissal created the groundwork for what is today the brand's DNA: natural ingredient-based goods that offer satisfying user experiences in addition to practical answers to women's challenges. ​ I exclusively used observation and intuition as a basis for my work, developing assumptions that I then tested both on and on myself. Jeanine Marissal

1974A state-of-THE-ART, royally honored centerAfter being purchased by L'Oréal, Biotherm opened a state-of-the-art research and manufacturing facility in the middle of Monaco. ​Her Serene Majesty The brand's new seven-story headquarters were opened by Princess Grace of Monaco in the principality. A Woman at the Helm, 1982 By supporting the French sailor Florence Arthaud, Biotherm demonstrates its love of the water. ​ On board the Biotherm II on the Route du Rhum in 1982, Florence is seen in this photograph. She won the tough race for the first time as a woman eight years later. ​ Florence Arthaud is a prime example of Biotherm's history of powerful women; at the age of 18, she made her first transatlantic voyage.