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Sustainable business practice - the Transparency Act

Airport Retail Group (ARG)’s vision is to become the leading operator of airport retail stores in the Nordics and UK. Our mission is to offer our customers the latest assortment within Duty Free, Fashion and Accessories. A combination of high-profile brands and typical "value for money", quality products.
This entails a great responsibility and ARG is committed to be socially and environmentally responsible for all our actions. We take this responsibility towards all our customers who buy our products and to our suppliers who take part in the production or distribution of our products. As a retail company, we recognize that our activities have an environmental and social impact, stemming from how we operate our stores and the products we source.  
ARG’s Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) strategy is to conduct business in a way that minimizes the negative impacts on people and the planet and contributes to the society in a positive way. This strategy includes a continuous work on mapping our ESG impact and defining actions and goals on how we can improve these impacts.  
We are a certified member of "Grønt Punkt Norge". We work to limit plastic and packaging in our operations.
Based on our commitment we have set up the Airport Retail Group’s Supplier Code of Conduct (CoC) to make our position clear for all our suppliers. The Supplier CoC is an agreement on responsible business conduct, and all our suppliers and business partners must sign and commit to the CoC.
The CoC principles reflect ARG's ethical principles and ESG strategy. We require that international human rights are respected and that our contracting parties do not contribute to violations of these. The contracting party must also ensure that the workers' wages satisfy the requirements for the minimum wage, that working hours are in accordance with applicable national law and that the workers have the opportunity for adequate rest. In addition to human right the CoC includes environmental requirements including Anti-Corruption requirements.
The Transparency Act
The Act shall promote companies' respect for fundamental human rights and decent working conditions in connection with the production of goods and the provision of services. This applies to the company's own business, suppliers and the suppliers' value chain. Among other things, the law requires the businesses to carry out so-called due diligence assessments to understand the risk of possible breaches - and to introduce measures where necessary. Furthermore, the business has a duty to inform about how we perform the due diligence assessments and the results of these.
The due diligence process
It is important that ARG can verify that its own business as well as our suppliers run their business without jeopardizing basic human rights and decent working conditions. ARG has therefore started the supplier dialogue in order to understand and map what risks and vulnerabilities exist for our suppliers' employees and in lower levels of our supply chains. This mapping will form the basis for further investigations and due diligence process. The due diligence assessment is risk based meaning we are prioritizing where we identify potential high risk and where we can make the most positive impact.   
We will also do the same assessment with other contract partners.
In our own organization human rights and working conditions will receive increased attention in health, environment and safety work, project planning, employee dialogues and training. Evaluation and risk assessment processes will form the basis for identifying and prioritizing measures to improve conditions in our own business and our supplier's business’.  
With reference to the Transparency Act it is these processes that collectively constitutes ARG’s due diligence assessments.
ARG includes environment and anti-corruption in our due diligence assessment.

If you have questions about how ARG works to ensure human rights and employee rights in the supply chain and with our business partners, you can direct these to contact@airportretail.no