BOTTEGA The brand Bottega includes a selection of grappa, wines, and liquors characterized by naturality and genuineness, whose quality is guaranteed by Bottega’s experience and prestige. Expressing the values of the tradition in a modern way and following the two main principles that direct the company’s activity and choices, "health and taste,"  the Bottega products are the result of thorough research on the selection of the grapes and marcs and on the distillation and vinification techniques. This attention gives all Bottega products a strong personality and a constant quality standard. The packaging is studied in every detail to express elegance and excellence. The collection comprises an assortment of white young grappas and aged grappas, matured in wooden barrels; a selection of wines with lively personalities; and a complete line of sweet creams and liquors with an innovative identity, made with natural fruit juices, spices, and chocolate.