Dumle is a popular chocolate caramel known for its delicious combination of soft caramel and milk chocolate. It is produced by the Finnish company Fazer and is a favorite among candy lovers all over the world. The Dumle caramel has a soft and chewy texture that melts in your mouth. It is made from ingredients such as sugar, glucose syrup, milk and cocoa butter, which give it a rich and creamy taste. The caramel is then covered with a thin layer of delicious milk chocolate, which gives an extra dimension of chocolate flavor and a smooth texture.

Dumbles come in different shapes and sizes. The most famous variety is the individual caramel, which is wrapped in a yellow paper with the Dumle logo. These small caramels are convenient to take with you and enjoy as a small treat at any time. In addition to the individual caramels, Dumle also offers other products such as Dumle balls, Dumle Choco Bar and Dumle Ice. The Dumle balls are small chocolate caramels that are perfect for sharing or taking with you on the go. Dumle Choco Bar is a chocolate bar that combines crunchy crisps with soft caramel and milk chocolate. Dumle Ice is an ice cream variant that has the characteristic Dumle taste. Dumle is a brand that has been loved by people for decades. It offers a wonderful taste experience and is ideal for satisfying your sweet tooth. Whether as a small treat for yourself or as a gift for someone you love, Dumle caramels will delight and tempt with their delicious caramel and chocolate flavour.